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Train with purpose. My philosophy with personal training is to design a customized program for the client based on their personal fitness goals, while incorporating exercises to fix physical weaknesses and injuries. Programs are tailored to the client's needs and reassessed frequently to ensure optimum performance is achieved.

A typical training session begins with a dynamic warm-up, strength and circuit training and ends with a Thai massage and stretch. Home workouts are provided for clients to do on their own upon request.

$100 per session 



The practice of yoga is to unite the body and mind by connecting to the breath. The flow of the postures gets the body to move, using the breath allows the mind to go deeper into the pose, and to a meditative state. Depending on the client's need, we go through two types of yoga styles; the powerful practice of Ashtanga and Restorative, a relaxed style of yoga with bolsters, pillows, and blankets.

$100 per session

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