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What They’re Saying

"Stacey is truly a magnificent individual who made my first QHHT session progress with ease. Her wholesome aura brings an energy of non-judgement and sincerity that allowed me to fully give her my trust. Not only is Stacey a skilled practitioner, but holds an innate nature that encompasses curiosity and compassion for her clients. Her undivided attention illustrates her professionalism and devotion to helping her clients find their light. Thank you for my amazing discovery and for being apart of a pivotal moment in my life."

Sasha S

“What an experience! I have so much gratitude to Stacey Cooper. She was calm, caring and supportive through a journey I didn’t even know I needed to take and still obviously on. I contacted Stacey out of pure curiosity in regards to QHHT and what I received went beyond what I could ever expect. Her energy is true and kind, making it safe to share and unload. There is so much knowledge she shared and I look forward to our next interaction.”

Kim S

“Stacey has a gentle energy that made me feel safe and protected. She is professional and has an empathic approach. We connected immediately, she is so patient, and kind. This was my first QHHT session and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect and truly, it was an incredible experience! Stacey gave me all the information, made me feel so comfortable, and we chatted like old friends. She created a peaceful atmosphere, which I could trust. 

I received so many things that were answered while connected to my Higher Self and saw visions of what I needed to see, hear, and interpret. Stacey's voice was calming and she maintained the session with her gentle energy. I would highly and confidently recommend Stacey for her services.”

Allie B

“Stacey has a strong yet gentle presence. She was very professional and intuitive. I really can see she truly cares for her clients. Her questions were thorough and I felt heard. I felt comfortable right away. It was my first QHHT session and she was able to get be under right away. We had 2 past life regressions and all my questions were asked and answered. I couldn't have asked for a better session especially for my first time. I would be happy to redo another session and recommend her to whomever is interested in quantum healing.”

Thara S

“I have been fortunate enough to know Stacey over the last several years and we have always shared our interests in regard to the spiritual world and yoga and would chat about our own journeys. I knew there was a connection there.

Over the last few years, Stacey has provided many workshops and seminars that have opened my eyes to so many different avenues of wellness. She has provided me with so much clarity and insight. She comes with immense knowledge of the subjects, but also her own personal experience, which gives you a sense of peace working with her.

I recently had the opportunity to work with her in a QHHT session and it was wonderful. I have worked with many mental health practitioners of all different forms, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, reiki healers, yoga instructors, meditative guides... you name it, I have worked with them. In my own experience, talk therapy has been beneficial in teaching me ways to cope. However, working with Stacey has truly made me feel that I am finding a way through it. She provides so much guidance in finding the inner light within you, and a way towards joy, which I truly didn't know if I would see again. No matter what your reason for seeking her services, I cannot recommend her enough.”

Kim C

"I had an amazing, introspective experience with Stacey for a QHHT session. I felt I gained a clear and meaningful perspective on life and various significant questions for myself. Among Stacey’s many talented services is yet another one with QHHT. She provides a calm, confident, and grounding presence as we did intensely focused work. I highly recommend her and this service."

Danielle FL

“Stacey is a beautiful human being. When I was looking for a personal trainer I searched for many in the city and I read a client testimonial about how wonderful she is and I immediately called her and we had an instant connection, that testimonial was spot on. I always looked forward to my training sessions with Stacey. She is professional, knowledgeable, very motivating, and helped me build strength. The Thai massage at the end of our workout was so relaxing too. We eventually became great friends, when you meet her you’ll understand why. She is spiritual, kind, and lovely with a big beautiful heart. She is very patient, positive, motivating, and supportive towards her clients. I highly recommend Stacey and you’ll be happier to have worked with her regardless of whether it’s training, hypnosis, Thai massage, etc.”

Roxanne T

"Stacey has a special aura and energy to her that will make you feel like everything will be okay. Her massages are honestly the BEST massages ever. She really knows how to connect your body to your energy and spirit. You will leave feeling more connected to yourself."

Charlene D

"I decided to seek out a personal trainer about 4 months before my wedding, to get into the best shape I could before the festivities began. I had worked with a few personal trainers in the past (through Goodlife etc.) and thought I knew exactly what I'd be getting when I sought out personal training again. I was completely proven wrong when I met Stacey and she totally changed the way I look at fitness and taking care of my body. I am in way better shape now, than I ever thought possible and am actually excited about working out for the first time in my life. Stacey will meet and surpass the aesthetic goals you set for yourself, but more importantly she will inspire you to make fitness and healthy living a permanent part of who you are. With her calm, comforting demeanour and approachable, open-minded personality, you will feel right at home with Stacey!"

Allison T

"Having naively committed to trekking the Camino Santiago in Northern Spain for the month of August, I asked Stacey to prepare me! For the first time in my life at 66 years old I found someone that took the time and care needed to get me in shape. I strolled the 25 km day with ease none of the usual aches or pains, passing pilgrims half my age without effort or incident. Thank you Stacey!"

John H

"Stacey knows the human body. Not only is the Thai Massage method the most effective massage I have ever had, Stacey is also a very talented practitioner. In terms of stretching and recovery, this is the best thing you can do to complement any training, or to help loosen up a stiff body from daily life. Stress and tension relief is maximized here. Stacey knows how to find the tension in your body and works with you to release it. She is intuitive and strong, and I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. I would highly recommend this type of therapy to anyone, especially those who train hard in any athletics, where flexibility and mobility are required. Working with Stacey has not only eased the tension in my muscles, but has also helped a lot with my mobility. You can feel the difference with one session, but the more you go the more you notice the positive changes in your body."

Stephanie C

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