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Shamanism is about reconnecting with the Earth. It is about rediscovering our inner self, and healing and releasing the old stories that don’t serve us anymore. It is finding balance and harmony within, so we can bring balance and harmony into our daily life. Shamanic Energy Medicine clears the energetic field of negative imprints and traumas to bring light and healing to the whole body. Healing the energetic body can heal the physical and emotional body. Everything is connected, and so healing one can heal the other.


These sessions serve to connect the participant to their most positive destiny. Passed down by the Master Healers of the High Andes of Peru, healing techniques are used to clear the energy field, removing obstacles to vital energy, happiness, and fulfillment.

In the timeless realm of energy and spirit, these techniques have the ability to heal past trauma and to influence the future by supporting participants to envision a new reality. This is a gentle process with profound effect. The way is cleared for living a courageous and passionate life, filled with purpose.

As each individual comes alive to their true destiny, all of us are encouraged.  The healing happens personally and collectively, in the past, present, and future.


  • Illumination: is the core practice used to find and release energetic imprints from the luminous energy field, so that we are not defined by our past and events that we have experienced.

  • Decoupling: used to switch off the Fight-Flight-Freeze response where the physical body is trapped in a stress response. Decoupling can free us from this positive feedback loop so that we can live free of fear.

  • Cord-Cutting: breaks unhealthy connections between you and other people or entities that are physically, mentally, or emotionally draining.

  • Extraction: involve releasing and removing toxic, intrusive energies from one’s energy field that is feeding upon vital energy or causing limitation of movement (emotional and/or physical) of the participant. This process is designed to allow a renewed sense of calm and peace and to return to one’s true nature.

  • Soul Retrieval: returns and reintegrates a soul part that was lost or frozen due to a traumatic event, while changing any limiting contracts that were made in a moment of distress. The intent of the retrieval process is to energetically address and heal past wounds or trauma, so the participant’s innate gifts and true soul purpose can blossom.

  • Ancestral Healing: clears ancestral or family karma and patterns that continue to affect your life in an unwanted or detrimental way.

  • Destiny Retrieval: This process is reserved for those who have already achieved a strong foundation of energy work and who are willing to participate to make changes at a deep level. Destiny Retrieval is designed to help clients discover and manifest their desired future, and align it with their soul’s essence.

Various techniques are practiced and I will assess what is needed in each session (approximately 90 minutes). These sessions can be conducted in person or remotely online (through Zoom). Cost is $180 per session, typically 3 to 5 sessions are ideal.  

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